Sunday, 22 January 2012

Upcoming activities

It seams that sundays are Rush day, as I am working through some of their hits. As oposed to a day of Rushing.

So anyway this coming friday I have a small GASLIGHT game planned (5 models a side) to use my VSF models. The idea is to add to the force and play semi regular VSF games.

Also on the cards is the Matrix RPG which will require some creative legwork to get up and running. Spoke to two of the players about it over a pint and had a very creative discussion.

Finaly bought some models for 7ombie TV. They are not Zombies but rather potential foes. I will attempt to run the first mission from the 7ombies game soon so will calulate the amount of zombies needed for that and order come payday.

Will update as intresting stuff happens

Friday, 20 January 2012

A few Ideas....

So been spending this working week on thinking about where I want to go with wargaming in 2012 now the 7TV campaign is finished. Here are in brief the results of those thoughts.

1)      It’s looking like I will be taking part in a new RPG with my old RPG group... sort of. It will either be me as a player in a fantasy RPG or me running a Matrix RPG. Not sure totally yet.

2)      Zombies! Downloaded the 7ombies rules from crooked dice and would like to give them a go. Maybe even work out how to adapt the 7TV campaign rules for use with 7ombies.

3)      Vsf stuff with Mr bowman, possibly using the 7TV rules

4)      Firestorm/ Dystopian wars

The point is that I seems likely that this year I am not going to focus on big games and probably going to not involve myself in Warhammer/ Warhammer 40K.

The other thing is I want to write more/ at all so I may try and focus my efforts on that too.

But just thoughts at the moment so could all change.  

Saturday, 14 January 2012



As 7TV is to come to an end I have decided to reboot my main blog to focus on wargaming, with the odd nod to some of the other going ons in the world of Gauss.

For now stay tuned mainly to my "The SPACE man" blog untill &TV is done. My intention is to be doing various VSF related gaming activities with Mr Bowman in the post &TV campain period.

Speak soon